Have to Improve your Sex Lifetime Just after 50? You are not alone

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For some female more than 50, such feelings are prominent, states gynecologist Katie Propst, MD. Just after menopause you’ll be able to face a growing number of barriers so you’re able to sex, plus dry skin and you can constriction of genitals otherwise medical ailments for example due to the fact all forms of diabetes and extra lbs.

It’s not just you, Dr. Propst stresses. She gives the following suggestions in order to beat dilemmas thus you may enjoy an active sex lifestyle really to your seventies and you can eighties.

Lubricate and you can moisturize

The newest vagina may become narrower if you’re not sexually effective, thus probably one of the most essential things you can certainly do to help you preserve form (to avoid genital atrophy) will be to remain having intercourse. Opt for a lubricant while in the sexual activity, of course that isn’t sufficient, you may also fool around with lotion. Lubricants are utilized for only the goal of intercourse, and you can a moisturizer to your pussy is like a cream getting your skin into the remainder of one’s body. You use it on a daily basis whenever you are experiencing dryness. Certain moisturizers are available for objectives and certainly will claim that on bundle.

To quit sensitiveness to your tool, make sure to play with h2o-founded and fragrance-totally free lubricants and you may moisturizers. Continue reading